Month: August 2017

Go Back To The Art You Once Loved

Once upon a time, you became interested in doing something. You were fascinated with every single detail of it and you just have that spark within you that never ceased to live. When you were younger, didn’t you use to love some form of art? There could be times when you tried pursuing it, but then, for some reasons, you didn’t. Now that you’ve grown, has it ever come to your mind that you are missing something and you’re not sure what it is? Maybe it’s because you haven’t lived your dream yet.

Back in the early days, you know you have become fond of something yet it didn’t continue until now. However, it’s not too late. If you want to become a dancer, you can still take up a Dance Class. If you want to be a painter, then it’s time to buy yourself a palette, a paint brush, and some colors. Again, it’s not too late to start again with the art you love.

A Love That Doesn’t Fade
Even when you’re busy with a lot of things going on in your life, devote your time to pursue what you truly want. Spare some hours in your week to practice dancing for example. Have patience with yourself too. Being really good at something is not an overnight process—so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get things right in the first times. If you truly have the grit with the things you want to do, nothing is impossible for you to overcome. Widen your potential and challenge yourself to do the things you thought would be too difficult for you.

When you fall in love with a form of art, it’s difficult to un-love it. Perhaps, the art you once loved is still buried in your heart after all.

Life In A Dancer’s Shoes

There are many forms of art in this world and one of the most-participated ones is dancing. When you’ve tried watching a ballet performance, for example, you will see how greatly these dancers have mastered their craft. In some parts, it is as if what they are doing is easy as they leap and balance then and there. There are some who could fail in their steps or have noticeable mistakes, but that wouldn’t stop them from continuing. However, what goes on stage is only one dimension of what truly is going on in a dancer’s life.

Backstage, there are also a lot of things going on. People there have to prepare for their next act, some would be busy recalling their steps, some would be by the wings to watch the current performance, and some would just be very nervous. Recitals act like the ultimate test for your skills—have you got what it takes to prove that you belong in your level? During the dance classes, you’d also need to be dedicated. Especially with the strict dance schools, they want to make sure that you learn. Strict checking of attendance, compliance for makeup classes, proper attire—those are just some of the things you should adhere to. Great dance schools like Dance Classes Toronto will make sure that you’d both have fun and learn.

The Show Goes On
You can never undo what you did on stage. When you’re up to perform, you will get the feeling of excitement and fulfillment. It’s like all your hard work paid off with the cheering of the people after you performed your piece. Yes, the life of a dancer has the rough times too. Not everyone can handle such pressure. At the end of it all, your motivation, dedication, and perseverance will get you through.


Update Yourself With The Modern Dance

There are a lot of things that remain constant. Change is a constant and there are changes or updates to all of what we do as well. That is the same situation with dance. Every now and then, people will invent and make new steps and people will create new styles of dancing. Back then we only have salsa, ballet, waltz, and other old and established way or style of dancing. Now we already have cramping and hip hop and these types of dancing have different styles as well. The dancing world is starting to grow bigger and bigger and there are a large number and a large variety of dances you can choose from.

What Might Fit You?
Well, the answer to the question “what style of dance might fit me?”, it is recommended to watch some dance routines coming from different styles and trying them out yourself. Moreover, it is better if you get some lessons from Dance Lessons Toronto that might help you with your decision. However, there are a lot of modern dance you might want to try out as well. It wouldn’t be an inconvenience and it also wouldn’t be a loss because learning how to dance can also give a person something they would be glad to have knowledge about for their advantage.

The Modern Dances
Well, seeing people dance on the street is one. However, there are a lot of styles of dance aside from what we know that is hip hop. There are these street dances and free style dances we might not be aware of such as B-Boying, Popping, Snap Dance, and other types of dance people have created to add to the long list of dancing styles and have better ways of expressing in front of other people and in front of the crowd.